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Re: Has Shaw become too Asymmetrical and is now falling behind

This is nothing new to me, I have hear of this happening from time to time I remember the racing cars ads on shaw and miss that sort of funny russian commercial. Which is faster shaw or karneval? I think both connections are indistinguiseable and perhaps the secret success of shaw.

This can't all be about bandwidth though. Look towards Telus I had a arguement just the other day but I know there is nothing they can do its a bad setup from the beggining. The packaging is all wrong on the 6 meg , lite packages and " Highspeed " the packages seem to change the faces but never exceed 30-40% of the overall promised bandwidth.

When your right your right and if slow is the way to go I agree to a point but when your unethical business is stealing 60% from the customer the eithics is out the window. Even talking to the CEO , The directors , or someone at corporate will just reveal multiple levels of fraud. Overal dsl is hopeless but forcing someone into a choice because " There are no alternatives " is a pathetic way to get business.

Or harrasing someone daily by rotating there ip until they pay extra just so they can play there games online properly with game servers. Its all a game we seem to play but no matter how you slice it your paying for something that doesn't exist. Whether its a business package they can't deliver, a connection they can't install the ethical business model is gone.

You will find that scalable 3x figure model available but I think the updates on line speed is always the same little boy in there mommas basement.

With internet its difficult with other countries are involved and perhaps we are all guilty of hiding behind a language barrier when things go bad. Perhaps we even lose control of the ecential canadian component that needs to exist to remain legal and customer service becomes more like fraternizing with the enemy than a true connection.

Whether your internet is in Syria or Canada you would think you could expect to get a adult in customer service. It just starts looking silly when you have to make yourself look ridiculously uninformed or incapable of doing something when its just cost prohibiting you from delivering what you are legally entiteled too.

Dont take my reality of looking at 90% of speedtests from telus that demonstrate no one getting over 3 megs a second, coincidence? Bonded dsl different from regular ADSL? No NO its hpna... or PPOE or the DSLAM is overloaded.

IF coporate had to do there own collections for fraud and do customer service you would think things change. But since last I checked in 2008 there still wrong still incapable of reality and believing something that doesn't exist and I had to pay 3x for which never happened. But who cares right what do I know.

Sometimes I wonder if talking on here is useless and you all seem to hate the customer equally and will say or do anything for a dollar and couldn't care less whether its a human being or anyone that doesn't work at there ISP.


said by rvlad :

No NO its hpna... or PPOE or the DSLAM is overloaded.

Huh, TELUS has never used PPPoE, and their FTTN DSLAM build (that 80% of our subscribers are on) is over engineered compared to every other telco in North America. Majority of DSLAM's have 3 gigabit ethernet links in a LAG, which sit around a couple hundred mbps utilization 99% of the time.

I'm not quite sure what 1/2 of your rambling is about, but it's certainly not the TELUS I know.