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Link Logger
Calgary, AB
reply to rustydusty

Re: Has Shaw become too Asymmetrical and is now falling behind

Shaw isn't the industry leader it used to be and maybe Shaw's unbelievably bad competitors have something to do with that, but it doesn't change the fact that Shaw's upload speeds need to improve to keep up with the direction that technology is going. If cloud computing really is the future, then upload speeds are going to be a big component of that as now you are not just bring data down, but you have to send it back up as well and that will become an issue for Shaw customers (my Son in-Law has a cheaper plan in the US with a 3x faster upload speed then my Shaw service) and if Telus could get a clue they could use that to get back some market share (however Telus hasn't had a clue since Alexander Graham Bell moved to Canada).

For years when video conferencing with others, when problems arose I could wave them off with a 'your network connection sucks', but now they laugh and tell me its my network connection that sucks. Shaw ain't driving like they use to.
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