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Re: So many tablets

said by El Quintron:

said by chapter_one:

Wouldn't Bluetooth and GPS require a data plan via a phone contract?

Not in either case... Bluetooth is dependant on another Bluetooth device, and GPSes are usually satellite and maps based, although I'm not as knowledgeable about GPS as I am about Bluetooth.

The vast majority of phones and tablets have assisted GPS so you need a data connection. You could always use map caching but if you go off course you could be screwed. I absolutely love having a tablet with its own data connection, too bad the Evo View is long in the tooth and will never see Ice Cream Sandwich. I moved my two phone lines and USB data card over to Verizon from Sprint, but kept the tablet on Sprint for the time being. As soon as Verizon comes out with either an HTC tablet (very doubtful) for a successor to the Motorola Droid Xyboard, Ill get that. Like I said I love the Sony tablet, but thats my tablet for home use. It sucks having wirelessly tether my phone to the tablet everytime I want to do something with it when Im away from home. Id rather just have the connection built in and pay Verizon and additional $10 for the privilege.
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Well NO

Device has good enough GPS hardware absolutey no data connection is necessary.

Asus Transformer TAB puts me spot on to few feet with with GPS and no network connection at all.

Also does very well with GPS off and kinda scary how close you can be tracked by just the WiFi hotspot you are on. (Even your own at home)