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Re: Should my modem be upgraded?

said by Drunk:

I'm a bit confused about leased modems, Docsis 3.0, and IPv6. I have a DHG 535-2 which is not Docsis 3.0 compatible, however I am only on the Performance tier. Everybody got a speed bump, but did I get the speed bump too with this old modem? I'm going to guess that you only need to upgrade the modem if you get the 50 or 105 service, is that correct?

And does anybody know when Comcast will make everyone switch to IPv6 modems? I guess a couple years away yet, but what if you want to try IPv6? I know I'd need to buy an IPv6 router first, but I'm just curious as to how you would get your hands on an IPv6 modem when you're just leasing modems.

The reason I lease is because I need an EMTA for internet and phone, and I think you guys said in a previous thread that a Comcast tech needs to do the install on those which would kill any potential savings.

With me not knowing what make that modem is, but with you saying it's D2, I'd say you're good until they roll out IPv6 to all in March 2013. Or until you get into the early 20s of speed upgrades.

My speed was recently upgraded to 25/4 (27.5/4400) and with my old D2 modem, I topped out around 22.3. After the modem upgrade, I get 27.5/4400+

Comcast themselves recommend you upgrade your modem to a D3 model if you're on Blast or higher speed tier (Blast is either 25/4 or 50/10 depending on your area) and Extreme 50 became Extreme 105.

I would recommend you make the upgrade to one of these, if you wanna buy: »www.amazon.com/Zoom-DOCSIS-Cable···le+modem



Both are 8/4 Docsis 3 modems and will support IPv6/Docsis 3 when you're upgraded.

As for getting an EMTA as you said you need (I'm in the same boat, man) You will have to get yours from Comcast until they get their deal with Amazon up and running and you can legally buy an EMTA of your own (FORGET eBay, Craigslist, etc. They will not activate them)

During my upgrade, and what a fiasco it was, I was given an ARRIS 722G EMTA for my phone/net service that works pretty good.

You'll probably get an ARRIS 862G Gateway device (which is a modem/router all in one unit. Though you can have them bridge it so you can use your own router equipment if you want. That's what I'd do.)

See here: »www.arrisi.com/product_catalog/_···PR12.pdf

I would go here too: »Comcast Direct Talk to ComcastSteve and explain your situation. He will get your square with a new EMTA if you need one. Especially if your speeds are 20 or higher.

Also see here: »Comcast High Speed Internet FAQ »What are the actual Provisioned Speeds?