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[Equipment] V0nage VTVx42 sip config extract

This is my first post here, so please bear with me. I am looking to setup a gsm/sip gateway that I can use a UK sim and v0 nage with. Could somebody help with the following:

1) recommend a gsm gateway/seller that I can program to make calls for numbers starting in 01,02,08 using vonage and 07 from the gsm sim?

2) I was looking at this thread »VONAGE VT2142 unlock help where usbjtag mentions extracting the config from their v-portal. I have the UK version of the VDV21. I've seen tutorials on how to unlock the adapter to use with another sip provider but I want to extract the sip config for my account to use on the gateway/softphone.

Thanks for your help.


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If I understand this correctly you have a vdv21 that is currently active with vonage and you want to extract your sip credentials. You can do this by following the unlock procedure up to the point where you have the Admin password, then instead of doing the wipe procedure, just do a "cd non-vol" and then "show" to see all the current settings, or "cd emtaSip" and show to see just the sip settings or "cd emtaProv" and show to see the provisioning settings (with the provisioning settings you can download and decrypt the configuration, but you must make a change in your Vonage account in order to generate a new configuration).
Just to let you know though,I am pretty sure vonage has something in place to check if an unauthorized sip device tries to connect to their servers and i am not sure what they do if they detect one. Also, in my experience, they seem to change the sip password every once in a while (I've noticed at least one change during one month that i had a test account with them).
About the gsm gateways sorry, I don't have experience with any of them.
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If you are merely looking for cheaper calls to UK mobiles and your usage is not very high, it will probably be less expensive and more reliable to use a VoIP provider. For example, Voxbeam's "Direct" route is 1.69p to 1.94p per minute to the major UK mobile carriers. You get $1 free credit at signup for evaluation / testing.

OTOH, if you want to bridge Vonage calls to/from your mobile or do other tricks, please provide details of the desired paths, approximate anticipated minutes usage, what V-Plan and mobile plan you have, etc. There is likely a service (or combination of services) that will meet your needs at a good price.

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said by j911:

1) recommend a gsm gateway/seller that I can program to make calls for numbers starting in 01,02,08 using vonage and 07 from the gsm sim?

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Thank you all for your replies. I guess a further explanation is due as to my motive behind the above request:

I don't have an analogue phone line, I had my pstn number ported to vonage in 2006 on v-plan 3 which is £10.99 p/m excluding a virtual canadian incoming number.. on average my monthly vonage bill is never less than £30 including uk mobiles but excluding calling cards used for Pakistan extra £5 on avg p/m

I've been happy with the service till recently when my broadband provider Virgin (cable) has started network upgrades in my area till March next year whereby my 100 mbit service is useless for voip due to high latency, connection drop outs and poor speeds requiring modem reboots every so often. Not having an analogue line means network outages get routed to my uk mobile number which is expensive through vonage.

Reason I want the gsm gateway is that virgin mobile offer 1200 x-network minutes, unlimited virgin to virgin calls (most of my family are with virgin), 3000 mins landline calls and 1 gb of data with unlimited sms for £7-12 on a 30 day rolling contract which is better than 1.7p/min to uk mobiles (£24 p/m appx)

So I'm hoping it will offer not only cheaper mobile rates, but maybe someone can advise of a gateway which will double up as a gprs/wifi hotspot using the data allowance as a backup to my broadband though this is not essential.

I could easily do away with vonage if I could:

1) Port my uk pstn number for incoming calls to another voip provider?

or alternatively:

2) Reduce my vonage main plan and get uk pstn calls forwarded to the vonage softphone tariff ??

I want to keep things simple for my folks where asterisk/ 3rd party ata / gateways take care of the routing based on dial plans and they can continue to use the same analogue handsets.

Please advise.




Assuming that you replace Vonage with an "open" provider, I believe that an OBi202 may meet your needs. Though obviously not as flexible as having your own Asterisk system, it's a lot simpler to set up and maintain. The OBi has an optional Bluetooth adapter that can make an old mobile phone with the Virgin SIM act as an incoming and outgoing trunk. If the phone can tether, you could also utilize Virgin's 1 GB of data. There are two FXS ports; unless your analogue handsets all share the same cordless base, you can have two concurrent calls (though only one on the mobile). The OBi can route to the mobile or a VoIP provider based on the number dialed, and can also fail over to the mobile if the Internet connection is down. However, if the connection is working but VoIP quality is unacceptable, you'll have to manually select the mobile by dialing a prefix.

Trusted (IMO) providers who can port your UK and CA numbers include Anveo, VoIP.ms, Callcentric and ippi. Your best bet would probably be one of the first two; Callcentric would have high latency (servers in New York) and ippi is quite expensive, though one of their outbound plans may fit your needs. For example, with Anveo, after paying a $29 porting fee, the two numbers would be only $4/mo., for unlimited incoming. However, you'll pay per minute for all outbound calls. If you find the rates to your destinations to be high, you can use one or more additional providers for termination. IMO, some worthy of consideration are Voxbeam, CheapVoIPInc, CallWithUs, VoIP.ms and (at the bottom of the price/quality scale) »backsla.sh/betamax .

If you decide that Vonage works out to be cheaper or less hassle, you could either take a risk using "stolen" credentials, or interface the VDV21 with an FXO device such as an OBi110. Unfortunately, that device does not support Bluetooth, so you'd need a SIP gateway for the GSM side.



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reply to j911

A few other thoughts:

You should give some consideration to emergency calling. Sorry, but I know nothing about how that works in the UK. When you call 999 or 112 on Vonage, does your physical address get displayed to the dispatcher? Can you keep that functionality when switching to another VoIP provider? What happens when calling 112 on a mobile? Is there a problem if your gateway lacks a GPS, or if it doesn't work inside your home? Even if the Vonage (or other VoIP) path gives better location info, you may want to first try mobile for such calls, in case your Internet connection fails at an inopportune time.

How many minutes to Pakistan do you typically use? Many calling cards have expiration, maintenance charges, connect charges and other gotchas, so the effective rate per minute is considerably higher than what's printed on the card. If one of your VoIP providers comes close on the rate, you shouldn't need to buy more cards.

In the short term, when your DIDs forward to your mobile, you could probably save some by going through an intermediate provider (I assume that forwarding to a UK geographic number would be free on your Vonage account). However, I don't know how your Virgin number would be treated. If you look it up on e.g. Voxbeam or Anveo, does it show as the T-Mobile or Orange number that it really is (which would be cheap), or does it show as "other", which would be expensive?

Depending on the location of your Canada DID and where in Canada you call, freephoneline.ca may be suitable. After one-time $25 porting and $50 configuration file fees, there are no charges at all. However, free outbound calling is limited to major metropolitan areas.