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Like a flea circus at a dog show

Quincy, MA

[speed/latency] Dissatisfied...

Every single evening, @ around 8pm, my downstream drops to less than half of my normal 3Mb. This makes Youtube & Hulu next-to-impossible to stream w/o buffering/stuttering issues.

Last time I rang tech, I got some dude in India that I could barely understand. But in the end, we got a local person (on remote to the CO from RI) to switch my line to another gateway. But this hasn't really cured the problem.

I shudder @ the thought of going to Comcast, but what other option is there? There's no Fios!
Life is like a klutz in a nitro plant: one wrong slip & it's all over!


I added Verizon DSL to my telephone in Nov 2011. I noticed intermittent slow connection speeds as you describe. I began contacting Verizon Tech support in Jan 2012. Verizon has opened about 15 trouble tickets, had my DSL service down for three days in July while they changed out hardware in the central office, and I've probably spent close to 50 hours on the phone with tech support, but still no solution to the intermittent slow connection speed. When the 800 number Verizon techs run a line test, they sometimes see issues on the outside cable or central office and schedule a tech for an on-site visit. But due to the intermittent nature of the issue, the problem is not usually occurring when the techs arrive on-site. So, nothing gets resolved and I start over the next time I observe a slow connection speed. Verizon has replace my modem, the telephone system interface box on the back of the home, the underground cable from the pedestal to the telephone interface box, removed bridges from the outside plant cable, etc.... Still no resolution. It is an ongoing game of constantly calling Verizon tech support, the techs running line tests, seeing a problem, scheduling a tech visit and not finding any problems. I think I'll be doing this through 2013 as I did in 2012. Good luck and keep complaining to Verizon. Demand an occasional credit for dsl service on your bill. Regards

North Tonawanda, NY
reply to Madness
Is anyone nearby your location on the same remote perhaps seeing a slowdown?