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Re: Tomato QoS major bug (all versions, incl toastman, shibby)

QoS is an aggregate sum calculation, which means that you cannot reserve a total sum (all rules) of more than your total bandwidth. This is because if and when all types of protocols in use at the same time, they'll fight for bandwidth just as if there was no QoS set up. The idea of QoS is to reserve a spot in line of so much width for a particular type of traffic so that it's always there. It CANNOT be used to dictate one protocol overriding the total bandwidth available to another protocol and mark it as its own because it's prioritized higher. There will be too much fighting going on at that point.

I think this is what you're running into. As long as you can think of QoS as a rate limiting reservation rather than a rate dictating override, it'll make more sense why your % reservations must add up to the total available bandwidth. Your total piechart of bandwidth never changes, all QoS does is move the separating lines around to say which protocol has what size chunk of the total bandwidth to use. Does that make better sense?