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Cleveland, OH
reply to nwrickert

Re: [Line Problem] Bizzare DSL problem - some sites load, others

Ok NW, here's something interesting: I am starting to see some additional data errors on my broadband link statistics. Here is the transmit and recieve data information since I booted the modem last night:

IP Bytes Packets Errors
Transmit: 26485840 208076 0
Receive: 404923276 314899 0

Collected for 19:24:36
Since Reset Current 24-Hour Interval Current 15-Minute Interval Time Since Last Event
ATM Cell Header Errors: 90 90 0 18:24:55
ATM Loss of Cell Delineation: 86 86 0 18:24:55
DSL Link Retrains: 1 1 0 18:24:54
DSL Training Errors: 0 0 0 0:00:00
DSL Training Timeouts: 0 0 0 0:00:00
DSL Loss of Framing Failures: 2 2 0 18:24:55
DSL Loss of Signal Failures: 2 2 0 18:24:55
DSL Loss of Power Failures: 0 0 0 0:00:00
DSL Loss of Margin Failures: 2 2 0 18:24:55
DSL Cumulative Errored Seconds: 2 2 0 18:24:55
DSL Severely Errored Seconds: 2 2 0 18:24:55
DSL Corrected Blocks: 110 110 0 1:28:00
DSL Uncorrected Blocks: 88 88 0 18:24:55
ISP Connection Establishment: 1 1 1 0:01:12

Any thoughts? Now I am seeing more issues that does make me think it could be a signal issue - which would be internal wiring, or the aging copper going to the DSLAM.

Still don't understand why some data gets through and others have no chance. Geographic distance makes it harder to route? More complicated sites have problems?

sand groper
Geneva, IL
·AT&T U-Verse

If you are in a house, you should have a NID box. Connect your modem to the NID box for a while, and check the statistics if you can. That will help determine whether the problem is in the house wiring or the telco lines.

If you are in an apartment, that might not be possible.

As for why some sites get through - shorter packets are more likely to get through than longer packets. The larger the packet, the greater the chance that it will be damaged by dsl errors.
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