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The Ozarks

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[Need Info] Acronis TI saved my rear!

Acronis TI

A couple of days ago my Tripp-Lite SMART1000LCD just pooped out inexplicably (no faults, no error message, nada) and WINXP SP3 Home came to sudden hard crash.

This did not signal disaster until I tried to boot back into Windows XP. !! UNMOUNTABLE DRIVE !! Never ever saw this BSOD stop before. Immediately I kicked myself for letting my image backup get so outdated (Sept. 28).

I wasn't willing to give up on current installation so I pulled out my trusty Reatogo x-pe boot disk which had worked a hundred times before. What is still a mystery to me---Reatogo (like BartPE) would not boot entirely into its Windows. I was just certain that Reatogo would boot no matter the condition of the C: drive (or even if there was no C: drive at all). Sorry, but that's what I thought.

Now I'm really nervous. I'd be happy just to boot up again to Windows even September 28 image of my C: drive. Anything, anything but having to do brand new installation of Windows XP.

I came upon my Acronis bootable disk which I made anyway despite some of the snipping comments I read so long ago about how it failed in this way or that way. I said what the heck. Stuck the CD in and restarted my computer. TO MY DELIGHT, the dang thing booted up just fine and I was able to select the recommended boot sequence which apparently was able to see my SATA drives. I located my image backup dated 9/28/2012 on the D: drive and began the restoration process. Wham, bam, thank you madam. I was up and running again.

Thank you Acronis bootable disk when even Reatogo would not work!
"in flagrante delicto"

Barry White
Acronis True Image has save my bacon many a time and i wouldn't be without it. The very first thing i install when i get a new system is ATI make a image of the system to disk and then i install security programs and update system, i also do another image but this time to external drive and do increments once a month. ATI to this day has never failed me and i have been using ATI since version 7 on my Win 98, xp and now ATI 2012 plus on Win 7.


Charlotte, NC
reply to bcool
TI has saved my bacon several times beginning with V9.0. I now have TI2010 on WIN 7. You may want to update your V9 to the latest build by downloading it from the Acronis website using your account. Lots of fixes since build 2337.