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Joliet, IL
reply to WildOne1

Re: ATT U-Verse: Actual Internet Speed vs Advertised

What are they playing, PC or Xbox Live, PS3? Online shooters (COD BO2)? You might have line issues causing problems and also to note if you are on VDSL2 (This is the TV version of U-verse) it is interleaved so you will have higher latency (ping) than cable which usually will cause lag. Though that speed is good enough to play online they might be getting alot of lag/latency due to line issues/routing/high pings etc. so I would contact Tier 2 here or call them. I would not settle for those speeds. I have had U-Verse for 4+ years and my speeds are always fairly close to advertised speeds and I play on Xbox Live and it runs fairly smooth for me.

»AT&T Direct

I would also run a ping test


Sugar Land, TX

Hey N,
they play mainly Battlefield and League of Legends on PCs.

How do I find out if I'm on VDSL? I notice that my tests since switching to UVerse do, in fact, show higher latency (~25ms with CC vs ~55 with UV).

Who/what is "Tier 2"? Sorry for all the questions; just trying to get this figured out.


Joliet, IL

I put the AT&T Direct link in my post. They are very good at making sure your line all the way to the RG is good. They can run a line test to make sure. They are much better than Tier 1 support. Do you know which modem you are on (model #)? Like I said, you will get higher pings with U-Verse. If you have VDSL you can download this program and post your error table and bitloading graph so we can see if you are having issues.



San Jose, CA
reply to Nuckfuts

jitters matters the most in games. if latency is like 30ms but jitter only 1-3ms thats pretty good!