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Netgear n600 basestation linksys wrt54GL tomato repeater

Managed to do this successfully. Took some fiddling about, lessons learnt here for future reference.

1) Netgear N600 linked to cable modem.
2) extended range wirelessly using old linksys tomato router.
3) Didn't have laptop to do wired configuration changes so did this all wirelessly.
Problems encountered:
Linksys would lock out preventing connection even though no security settings.
Linksys very slow (1 MPS).
Put them in the same room to start with to save time and to ensure signals are not an issue.

1) Get the correct mac addresses. For the netgear this was simple, but for the linksys it was not the number written on the bottom of the router but the mac address given in tomato on the Basic network settings.

2) set up Netgear first. Log in to setup pages ( i) remove all security. ii) in wireless settings change mode to 54MPS, (this fixes the slow speed issue). Make note of SSID and channel.
iii) Advanced Lan setup. use address reservation to allocate an IP address to the linksys repeater (e.g. and any other devices you want fixed, (apple TV is good idea). iv) under use router as DHCP server make starting IP address not interfere with the reserved addresses, e.g. start at
3) Hard reset the linksys (hold down the reset button for 30 seconds or so). Connect to its wireless and in a new tab on browser log into to admin page. Under basic network settings
i)WAN-type- set to disabled
ii)LAN router address-set it to or whatever you set it to in the netgear.
iii)subnet mask leave it alone
iv) default gateway should be IP address of the netgear router. In this example
v) DCHP server unchecked
vi) set channel to same as the net gear. save changes

Go back to the netgear tab in browser and Connect back to the netgear, now we will connect them

go to admin page, wireless repeating function, select wireless base station and enter the MAC address of the linksys. (using the wrong one i.e. one written on bottom of linksys router, made the linksys lock out).
save changes, go to the linksys tab, connect to linksys wireless. remember admin page address has now changed to, change it in address bar.
on Basic network page under wireless, wireless mode, select access point + WDS,
Under WDS select link with and add the MAC address of the netgear. If in doubt, this is the LAN port MAC address, (see router status page on the netgear admin page). Save changes.

Once everything has restarted at this point you should have the two routers connected and you should be able to access the admin pages of both routers without changing the wireless connection.

Assuming all OK you can now add security by going to advanced wireless settings, wireless card access list, set up access list, then adding each wireless device mac address. You can save time by switching every wireless device on and copying and pasting MAC addresses from the 'attached devices page' under router maintenance. Then turn access control on and apply changes.

Do the same in the linksys tomato set up.by setting up the wireless filter under basic settings. Can copy and paste Mac addressees from the netgear page to the tomato page. maybe leave one device off the list just to check that the security works OK.

OK so the last step if all this works is to set the SSID of the tomato router to the same as the netgear one. Check it works then move the tomato repeater where you think it should go. Then walk around with a phone and look at the signal, as you walk away from the netgear, signal should drop by a bar then you approach the tomato router and after a second signal jumps back up and lights on tomato start flashing. Do a speed check test. I got a bit under half what the netgear was (so from 20 to 10 MPS). Dont know if normal, but it is useable.

The basis trick is not to give the two routers the same SSID name until the very end. Eliminating security during set up just makes it all quicker.

Took me a day of bggering about. I could redo it in 30 mins now.