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Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, NC - eMTA & SB6141 config question

Hi all - I tried to search for an answer but have had no luck.

I'm a 50/5 TWC customer and just purchased a SB6141. I am also a TWC voice customer. When I read the installation instructions via the TWC website, it advises that I need a new splitter (existing eMTA connection into splitter input and then 2 output connections into the eMTA and SB6141). I am confused - when I look at my current config TWC has a splitter in-between the wall outlet and a connection to the eMTA and ubee modem. Do I need to introduce another splitter into the mix or is this as simple as swapping the cable modems using the existing connections??

Thanks for the help!

No new splitter needed, just swap the modems.

The "need new splitter" instructions are for people using the eMTA for internet access - in that case since you're adding another device you need to split the line.