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Geneva, IL
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reply to takeahike

Re: Fuck Dell

said by takeahike:

I guess different parts of the country have different rates. What are major retailers--for example, Geek Squad or Staples--or small independent shops in your area charging?

The only big box near me is Best Buy - The rates are set by the BB corp. I don't track them. They don't have a sign out displaying the rates. Several people have come to me after GS really messed up their computer. The GS reputation around here is very low. People seem to like me when I do the service work.

OOOps - forgot - There is a Staples near me, but I have never seen or heard of anyone getting a computer serviced there. I don't remember a sign or advertisement telling the rates.

There used to be a CompUSA near here. They were charging $100.00 up front to look at a machine, then applying that to the labor if you accepted the estimate. They are now out of business - need I say more?

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Woodland Hills, CA
Thanks! The big box stores are out-of-business more because of on-line pricing of components. Probably their service kept them in business as long as it could, similar to car dealerships who often have to sell their inventory at cut-rate prices. I'm sure you've noticed in the business news that Best Buy is in deep trouble and is making it into articles discussing brands that may no longer be here at the end of 2013.
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