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London, ON
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reply to Cloneman

Re: Tomato QoS major bug (all versions, incl toastman, shibby)

In your example if Class 1 were not in use, I would expect that class 3 (70%) take up 70% of my connection, then would expect 4 to get 29% leaving 1% for 5. This is assuming everything is saturated.

I have my minimums for VOIP and WWW set to 20% each respectively and everything else to 5%. For Max everything is set to around 80% (except WWW which is 95%, and service kept to the default 20%. I'm not really sure why service is defaulted that way). It works great. I realize it's probably not optimal but it acheives the results I'm looking for so I haven't found the need to play with it more.

But as been pointed out, what I find more important is that the most important traffic is at the top.