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reply to Ikarasu

Re: Telus 100% availability on VDSL 2 by tomorrow

said by Ikarasu:

Hot air. My moms stuck on 6M internet, which she realisticvly gets 2M from, and lives in Port moody, a pretty new part of town too.

Sorry to hear that, and there are edge cases (which she obviously is). Though if she was really in a new part of town, she wouldn't have DSL at all, but GPON.


Port Coquitlam, BC
It's not brand new, But it's surrounded by a ton of small business's, and is pretty populated... I don't see why it's on the old box. The guy that hooked it up apparently told her, it's such a small box / he hasn't seen one in years, and was surprised...that this is the best speed we'll ever get, until they get a new one hooked up.

It's funny, because I lived about 10 blocks away, and I was on 25M when it just got off trials...

I know boxes are pretty expensive, and it doesn't make sense business wise to upgrade them all, if its not profitable.But I still find it funny in this age, some people are limited at 6M, and they're not even rural.