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Sunnyvale, CA
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No Sympathy at all

Contracts are important. Companies write them to favor themselves, not their customers, and you have to read them as an adversarial documents.

Unfortunately there are far too many long and complex agreements out there, particularly on the web, and most people can't be bothered to read them. But if there's some serious money involved you have to know what you are agreeing to do (or not do) so you have to spend the time to understand what's in the agreement. In this case, a casual reading of the agreement shows the length of the contract (I signed one after reading it).

I guess it's like doing backups - a precaution against something unexpected. Many people think backups are an unnecessary overhead and don't realize their value until they lose something important. Likewise, many people don't read legal agreements until they have a contract go wrong. In both cases, there's no substitute for experience.