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Re: Halo 4 bandwidth usage

Not if they don't have competition in a region.

Not if later down the line they collude with completion to make caps standard business practice.

People should stand up to caps now! The only reason why those caps are reasonable now is so they can say to the FCC that our customers don't have a issue with it. They will argue that is saves the consumer money, and after it's a acceptable business practice BOOM rates go up. How much does your cable bill go up each year now for TV?????

People need to understand our deployment of high speed is horrible for the rural areas. The infrastructure as a whole compared to other first world countries is almost as bad. Instead of investing in bigger pipes they want to control the flow more. Thus slowing down the need for a bigger pipe. That means in 5 years you won't see that new high speed in ur area. They won't see the demand for it or the profit. Just go look at the crap Canadians have to deal with who have a cap system.