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Re: NEWS: AT&T Plans Slew of U-Verse Updates in 2013

Uversetech, most techs just run an AMT with no meter attached. It seems to be the only way to get the help line nazi's to approve a helper ticket, then you just add a note telling the IR tech what is really going on. ( this method doesn't work on inids )

So, in other words ATT spent 25 cents trying to save a nickel. Can you imagine the absolute waste and cost of having another department with its own national call center, just to have all techs circumvent it?


You know whats so funny that for the last couple years I just toned my own pairs, I got tired of the nonsense and waiting on IR. The iNids down south, I always went to the terminal and found 2 clean pairs that read 4174+ and rocked on. There were always at least 2, and at the VRAD I would have MLAC assign the last 2 available on the last card, it worked like a champ.

I cannot remember the last copper ticket I put in, none in Texas I think just a couple in Kansas fall 2011.

I loved Texas because the IR techs were so busy they could care less if we did their work, unlike the midwest where some buddies did the same on a regular basis and IR would sneak up and put in a grievance.