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Terrible experience with Acanac.

Instead of describing our frustration with the company I’ll just quote the last email I sent to them and their response.

To Acanac:

“I am writing this in regard to the invoice # 987008 (see below).

We did initial checking of Cable Internet service availability for our postal code on Acanac's website - it was available. When we called Acanac to order the Cable Internet Services the sales person on the phone also checked and said that Acanac can provide services for our actual address. We were charged $694.16 on November 28, 2012 to our Master Card. The following week I called to order phone services in addition to the cable internet. After discussing phone number selection and other details about the phone services I was told that "oh, by the way" Acanac cannot provide us with Cable Internet Services because our address is "unserviceable". The agent said that "of course" we would be getting a full refund.

We got the refund on December 19, 2012 for an amount of $598.16 which is not the full refund.

We also received a modem from Acanac which we think is the reason for us not getting a full refund, but we were never provided any instructions or means by which to return the modem. It isn't our fault that Acanac could not honor the contract and provide us with the services. We don't need the modem and never used it - it is still in it's original packaging. It should be returned at Acanac's expense as the services could never be provided. Because of this, we never had a valid contract with Acanac.

Please provide us with the instruction for the return of the modem and refund us the remainder of the money which Acanac charged us - $96.00.

Also, please remove our credit card information and all our personal data from your database to prevent any future charges.



So we expected to get shipping label to return the modem (brand new, never opened the box), but instead, we got the following email from Acanac:

“Re: Acanac Inc. Invoice


You can ship back the modem to the following address and Email us the tracking number they will provide you with at the post office, Acanac may choose to buy back the modem at the same price ($49.95) in case it is in good working condition. The shipping address is:

1650 Dundas Street East UNIT 204
L4X 2Z3

Please note that you need to send the modem on your own costs, also the shipping fee is not refundable,

Best Regards,
Acanac Inc. ”

How about that? They “may” return 49.95 and doesn't look like they read the email I sent them. There never was any possibility of the service being provided and modem is still in the original package!

A per invoice, modem cost is 75.00 + 9.95 for shipping:

Invoice# Generated Date Transaction Date Description Status Total $ CAD
987008 2012-11-28 2012-11-28 Setup CND-CABLE28 Pro-RES 12 month--hr43mx4b Approved 479.40
Activation fee Approved 49.95
Modem fee Approved 75.00
Shipping fee Approved 9.95

They cannot provide the service, but they still made us 96 dollars short!
We contacted Master Card and they are dealing with them from now on, I guess the next stop is in court.

Do not give your credit card number to this company!

Toronto, ON

Modem Refund.

Hi user177

I'm checking with the Billing Manager about it.


Toronto, ON

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reply to user177

Re: Terrible experience with Acanac.

Hi user177
They will be refunding you for the modem, however you need to return it first.

Thank you.



First of all, they replied that "Acanac may choose to buy back the modem at the same price ($49.95)", it's not the same as refunding full amount it cost us. And note - as per invoice - modem cost is not 49.95, but 75 dollars! And second - Why do I have to return it at my expense? It's not my fault Acanac sent it to me before checking if service can be provided. No one even notified me about it either, I found out by accident a week later!

Unless they send me something IN WRITING with guarantee of the full refund including shipping and postage label like any other ISP company does, how can I believe anything? So far, answer to any inquiry was very evasive and not answering any question directly, that I don't trust to send it back...

Acanac should really reconsider how the business is done. Billing in advance - fine, I agreed to that. But sending equipment before checking service availability and then making us pay for it? This is very unprofessional. And we are not the only ones who has exact same issue. Isn't there something to learn? The total lack of care for customers creates poor reputation. Does it worth anything?!

Toronto, ON

The cable manager said she would be calling you about it, perhaps she has done that already.

Let me know how you made out.




I just sent you PM.

Toronto, ON

Thank you, I replied.