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Warwick, RI
reply to thorhtpc

Re: CableCard price going up?

Since it remains to be seen just how much the chat folks know, this conversation may or may not apply. Time will tell.

You(20:50:36): I'm looking at the equipment details for CableCard, and it shows a price of 5.99. Is this a new price structure for equipment?
Anderson(20:51:22): The price for the Cable Card is $3.99/mo and for Digital Adapter is 5.99/mo
You(20:52:05): When I go here, it shows 5.99. Is this a website error? »www22.verizon.com/home/fiostv/#equipment
You(20:52:33): Actually, the Digital Adapter is not listed there as an option.
Anderson(20:53:29): Please be assured, once you proceed with the order on the TV Equipment page will be able to view exact prices.
Anderson(20:53:39): vCould you please tell me what services you currently have with Verizon?
You(20:54:28): TV with cablecard. I'm wondering if my cable card price will go up next month. Is this for new customers or existing?
Anderson(20:55:38): Please be assured, you will be notified prior to 30 days before any rise in the prices.
You(20:57:03): Suggest it be passed up the line. The website has a typo. The cablecard should show price of 3.99. I think the Digital Adapter should be pictured with the 5.99 price.
Anderson(20:59:44): I apologize for information, I will forward this to concern department.
I appreciate for sharing this information.
So there you have it. Note that I suggested it's a typo, not the agent. He said Digital Adapter is 5.99 and CableCard is 3.99, and that the correct price will show when placing the order. If a price hike is coming, existing customers will be notified in advance.

So I'm hoping it's a typo. No need to get alarmed. Yet.

Allendale, NJ

We'll have to see what happens in the coming weeks
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