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Hallo lisa Aus Amerika
Byron, GA
reply to SwedishRider

Re: AWD Rider: Winter Snow Removal

said by SwedishRider:

Thanks! I was very skeptical that it could climb my steep driveway and throw snow while ascending (especially without extra weight and chains), but it far exceeded my expectations!!

Bring on another storm!!

Start renting it out!!! Money money money!!!!
Holocaust survivors and their family's fill this out.

Old and Cranky
Cortland, OH
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This last storm we got here in NE Ohio, I cleaned no less than seven driveways with my Cub/snowblower. I have a set of suitcase weights (4x42#) hanging on a heavy bracket on the back of my tractor... not so much for traction as to counter-balance the blower during transport. The tractor, alone, weighs over 800# (+my fat-ass 236#) and the suitcase weights (168#) provide more than enough traction. I had a couple of neighbors/friends that were out of town for Christmas and I thought it would be nice to have them be able to come home to a cleaned driveway. I did a few more, just for the "seat time", too. The snow was pretty heavy... too heavy to make shoveling much fun. Especially where the plows deposited street slush at the ends. I figure that once I get dressed to be out in the weather, I'm going to enjoy myself outside as much as possible.

As one neighbor stated, "It's sure nice to have the right power tool for the job!!!" Yep... it sure is!
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