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Re: Arris TG862 doesn't support Bonjour or Multicast.

said by NetFixer:

It is only an "issue" if something that has been specifically promised to work is broken. It is not an "issue" if the product has simply not been designed to handle what you consider to be a "basic printing functionality". Just because Apple uses their own proprietary network protocols, does not mean that those protocols are either "basic" or a "standard" practice for all other vendors.

Also, to my knowledge, the only customers who are required to use a Comcast supplied gateway are business class customers with static IP accounts. There is nothing to prevent a residential customer from purchasing their own standard cable modem and their own Apple router (and nothing to prevent a business class customer with a static IP account from putting an Apple router behind their Comcast supplied gateway). Even if you are a CDV customer, you don't have to accept one of Comcast's gateway boxes, you can insist on a standard eMTA modem for your CDV service.

Maybe I should have put a "?" at the end of my thread title because I believe this pos device should have multicast capabilities in it. Seriously, what kind of router doesn't have this ability in today's market? WTF?!

The problem is there but chances are great that Comcast doesn't even know this issue exists. Don't worry, I've reached out to sources within to help push this to the right people and we'll see what happens, but fact remains that this sort of thing is causing issues for people... wasted time calling support for a printer, wasted money spent on someone to actually track down the issue, wasted support services from various companies (printer manufacturer, Apple, Comcast, etc.) just to find out Arris has a bug in their firmware.

Let's not forget that each and every Arris eMTA gateway like this has OpenDNS issues in their current firmware to name just one bug that Arris is STILL trying to fix. Comcast just needs to drop them as it's causing them nothing but issues and lost man power trying to solve them.
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