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Mechanicsville, VA
reply to EGeezer

Re: WX Channel causes confusion

Maybe so. But until the NWS does change the national standard, the WX Channel needs to quit trying to make their own.

K A R - 1 2 0 C
Key West, FL

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Well VERY soon after moving to KW 18 years ago weaned myself from WX Ch.... and went to the real sources, and having pilot training must have WX knowledge to pass test...

Quickly moved from that BS to reality... the Navy and NWS offices/web sites... NWS 2 blocks down the street (though until 2005 was at the airport) can't get a much more local forecast than that....and hey questions just go knock on the door or give them a call.

Before the new Cat 5 resistant NWS office was built.... they wanted to abandon KW and make it all remote control from Miami....

There was maybe never such outrage in the Keys... and congress never so deluged by so many of so few. (Not just our reps but across the board any involved)
Hey we don't get much from our tax dollars but that is THE CRITICAL ONE.

And actually it was governmental months... but pretty much a HUGE OOPS. Legislative STUPID relatively instantly reversed within a year(even under G W Bushwhacked) and the new reality of weather really maters.

The NWS is critical to the Keys... as well as early warning to the Gulf that Miami just can't quite see especially when links fail. And there has been a WX station here long before Miami or the NHC ever existed... well actually NVS just had. (1870)

BTW in Andrew when NHC radar blew off the roof the data they were still getting was from KW (albeit then slowly through analog modems) and because it was humanly manned.

Even though as compact as Andrew was CNN was saying KW might be gone... though reality barely touched and where loss of NHC local radar their data was actually coming from. (and always wanting to be sensational as possible... just did realize the maybe in that day slow 56K real data coming out of KW NHC had no capacity for any more at that point.

And also BTW both from those I have meant from it maybe going away and those staff after... thank you for making this weather station remain.
Not Just a pleasant place to work but an very important one as well. To civilians, maritime, and fishing interests alike.

And sadly its happening again many area NOAA maritime marine stations and buoys failing because of simple lack of maintenance/funding... which NWS also takes tidal data from but only sporadically can anymore or for that matter area shipping.