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[CA] Slow Internet w/ Packet-loss from 7pm-10pm


For as long as I have had Cox in San Diego, my Internet always significantly slows down from 7pm-10pm. I have the Ultimate Package (55mb/down 5mb/up), and I've experienced this issue at two different locations, about 4 miles apart.

Some days are better than others, but during peak hours, my Internet basically goes down the drain along w/ horrendous packet-loss. These are the primary hours I use my Internet, and gaming becomes impossible. I either have to wait, or just cross my fingers.

Is there anything that can be done to correct this issue? I understand the node I'm on my be overloaded or oversold, who knows, but what can we do to stabilize my connection so I can actually use the service I pay for when I'm actually home to use it.

Please know in advance that I have troubleshooted this time and time again and an incredibly confident this is an issue w/ Cox, nothing on my side. Issues always reside from 7pm-10pm.

Thanks in advance for your help.