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Old Computer

[FireFox] Can't move cache folder to other location ?

I am using a large RamDisk and use it for SeaMonkey and others apps and it works very well.
But, I can't move the Firefox cache to i.e. x:\FirefoxCache
I know the old way described here:
But this does not work anymore, and don't want to use the "Ram cache" option in order to have full control over cache content and cookies.
Is there a way to move physically the cache ?


Randallstown, MD

What version of FF?

My first try didn't "*work".

Second thought was to double up the slashes & that looks to be the ticket.


Note that while new files go into new_CACHE the old Cache is left for you to manually purge.


Well I kind of expected something to populate the directory on restart, but that isn't necessarily the case.

Not seeing anything happen is what caused me to try the second method.

Going back, I see nothing gets entered into the cache until there is an actual need. So went back & only used single slashes, then visited a page, at which time the cacheDir did populate itself.

In any case, you might be better off with double-slashes (I see some of the SeaMonkey prefs use them, like: extensions.installCache).

Other then your "RAM" cache, are you able to get it to change to some other physical disk cache?

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Old Computer

Thanks you therube See Profile for trying to help me.
I use Firefox 17.01,
Sorry but I did not understand (my poor English), where to use
There is no such entry into prefs.js nor into c:\
I have tried to add a line using user.js as I done with SeaMonkey , pointing to the Ramdisk (or any other location or partition/disk) and that does not work, even if the folder has been created manually before.
Can you elaborate much in details or step by step for a noob ?

Grants Pass, OR
reply to Old Computer

I don't have a "ram" disk but I was able to create the cache on a different drive and directory by using the instructions that you initially provided here »www.auriolab.com/change-firefox-···omment-3
I'm using FF 17.01. After I shutdown/restarted FF, the new cache location showed up on the new drive.

Old Computer

Thanks for reply aguen
I am afraid to have messed up my browser configuration with some bad entries or choices.
I give you screenshots of my current browser config (still does not work when trying to create a "R:\Cache" directory at start of Firefox - Ramdisk is not permanent - but start with Windows 7.
I know I have changed something around "Offline".. Bust what else ?

Second one:

If you see something wrong just tell me...

Old Computer

Confirmed: I had some bad configuration.
Finally I made a fresh install of Firefox with a different profile, add only the "browser.cache.disk.parent_directory=R:\FirefoxCache" in about:config , and it worked like SeaMonkey.
Sorry for that, It was my mistake.

In the way I changed also the Cache directory for Google Chrome Browser, pointing also to my RamDisk.
Everything is fine now.