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Santa Cruz, CA

Cable Card questions.

I had an idea and curious if you could shine some insight on it.

I'm thinking about ditching my DVR and building an HTPC to do my cable with a cable card.

Is the only thing that wont work is comcast specific features and on demand? This would save 10$ a month for me.


Des Plaines, IL

and you have to deal with there CS that at times have no clue about cable card issues


reply to pclover

On Demand works in some areas with a Tivo Premiere and Cablecard, and Comcast is slow-rolling it out to the rest. You can also get On Demand on an Xbox 360 if you care about it that much (I don't, that's what DVRs are for). Ditching their junk DVR for a card should get you some decent cost savings too, as you expect.

If you call Comcast's Cablecard activation line (they give you the number when you get a card), it's pretty painless now to get a card paired on either a Tivo or a PC. I use both with Comcast and have had no issues pairing two cards in the last year.


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If you have a XB360, & Comcast internet, then you should be able to access Ondemand thru the 360. I tried it at my friends & it seemed faster then accessing it thru the normal cable box

Huntsville, AL
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With windows 7/8 using media center on HTPCs you get a much better DVR experience than with comcast, generally more tuners, and the ability to increase the hard drive storage space yourself.
Much of the same can also be said about tivos.
The lack of OnDemand is made up for by online access to some OnDemand content through comcast, but with the record features of media center, you hardly need it.
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