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Dorval, QC

Acanac refuse to offer full refunds ... beware!!

I was a (mostly) happy Acanac subscriber for about 5 years.
I had them at 2 different addresses, and was looking forward to continuing service with them at my new address.

I paid for a year of service as I normally did, which because I was going from DSL to cable included having to buy a new modem (no choice on the matter), and pay shipping for the modem.

I placed my order a month in advance, but yet the install date never got confirmed, and then finally after chasing after them for 2 weeks after that they advised me service wasn't available and that I could get a refund. So here's the issue ... their refund doesn't include shipping costs.

As of right now, I'm out over $100 because I need to send the modem back to get that money, but Acanac refuses to credit the cost of shipping the modem to me as well as the cost for me to ship it back. Now under normal circumstances I could understand a company refusing to cover shipping costs, but not when said company was unable to provide service from the get go.

As I stated in my multitude of emails back and forth to the billing department, had Acanac confirmed my installation before forcing me to pay for the service and modem and shipping, this would have been avoided. But because of their mistakes, I'm now being penalized and out $20 to $30 shipping costs + $100 modem cost until I ship the modem back to them, but then I'll still be out the shipping costs.

I opened a case with the BBB but Acanac still refuses to do anything about this.

Case in point, I'll never ever deal with this scam of a company again, and I'd seriously advise others to stay away as well. Acanac is interested in your money and nothing else. They've made it painfully clear to me (and so many others here) that customer satisfaction is not a priority. Hopefully others won't make the same mistake I did. Do yourselves a favor and go with one of the many other companies that actually want your service, and don't force you to pay for service you won't get.


I completely agree (you can read how we got scammed in my post below). I'm not willing to let them to get away with it. If they checked the service availability before charging us, all this frustration could be avoided. Most upsetting though, in every attempt to contact this company and get something resolved, you get another slap in the face and feel that they really-really don't care. Once they have your money, they are not willing even to read correspondence carefully or listen to you on the phone.

I've contacted Toronto Star and will try to bring attention to the terrible customer service this company provides. Which is really sad, because this kind of company is our hope for some fair competition in the field.


Dorval, QC
I actually read your post after I posted mine ... thought we might have been the same person for a second!!

I boggles the mind at how little Acanac cares.
I'm pretty sure my only avenue left at this point is small claims court, so I'll be looking at opening a case once the holidays are over.

Hopefully you have better luck than I did!