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[Speed Issues] Portage, MI

I'm having slow speeds in MI. My down stream is fluctuating between 20 and 40 MB (I pay for 30), and my upstream is a nice speedy .12MB the times I'm actually able to get it to test out.

I talked to the charter rep and she insisted there isn't any problem. And I'd have to have a technician come out, however this worked great until last night.

It also seems to take longer then usual to get sync on a modem reboot.

I took my router out of the equation and used Ethernet.

Ran a trace route to google.com and no hop was greater then 22ms, which is slower than usual but it probably coincides with the slow up stream.

For my 4 downstream channels SNR is all ~37.5 dbmV

My upstream channel power is ~45dBmV and my downstream is 3.2dBMv

So it looks like I have a good connection so at this point I have to assume it's something within the cable network beyond my cable head.f

Anyone have any ideas?

West Tenness
22 ms is far from being slow.


I agree, but I usually am around 12-14 on wireless 10 on Ethernet.

I just finally got someone to acknowledge that they are doing maintenance on the backhauls coming into Portage.


Kansas City, MO
Ive had issues here in Kalamazoo, My ping was avg between 8-17ms on a chicago server, but the speed itself was ranging from 8-68mbps.