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Oshawa, ON

VDSL with low SNR

line stats

I'm currently on ADSL+. Line stats (see attached) show a low SNR and sync rate of about 16900 kbps (I pay for 20). My ISP also offers a VDSL service: Up to 25Mb downstream/10Mb upstream. I understand that it is fiber to the building (condo). Of course, the sales folks said that the VDSL is available to me and no reason I shouldn't get the higher speeds (up and down).

My question: is 25Mb downstream/10Mb upstream possible, given my line stats (SNR)? Distance from CO does not appear to be an issue.



Ottawa, ON

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Is that a TP-Link modem? Switch to a broadcom based modem and you should have better results.

»[DSL] 19 meg Profile with TP-Link 8840T

Toronto, ON
·TekSavvy DSL
reply to lauriem3
Attenuation is very low, which is good meaning you're very close to the remote...

But the SNR is very low at your sync rate right now on ADSL2, looks like you aren't even syncing up to your profile rate now...

Low atten + Low SNR = line issue, whether its outside or in your house or apartment. If you have a house with a demarc outside, you should try hooking it up there, ideally disconnecting the inside house wiring to make you test the line coming in without the inside wiring affecting it. If it's fine at the demarc, you need to look at your inside wiring.
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Oshawa, ON
reply to lauriem3

new line stats
Thank you both very much for your responses. I do live on a condo and don't have access to the demarc. I tried all the phone jacks in here, with much the same result for each.

I picked up a new modem this morning: a D-Link DSL-520B. There is quite a difference! Speed is higher (getting what I'm paying for) and SNR is higher (new stats below). But, according to the new line stats, I'm out of luck for the higher upload speeds.


I think the sales folk is right. When I had ADSL (6/800kbp) service my line stats were worst then yours. Max attainable was approx 12/1.1 mbps I was worried I wouldn't be able to get good speeds when moving to 25/10 service that became available in my area. I was wrong I was able to get the full speed and the line stats with the VDSL modem shows my max attainable is over 90mbps. I don't think you can conclude what speeds you will get with VDSL based on ADSL line stats, since they are different technology and with VDSL service you are almost guarantee they are going to move you to a different (close/best?) remote.


Oshawa, ON
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·TekSavvy DSL
Vdsl opens alot more spectrum up to push the download in, anything above 6 snr is Good, on adsl even less if your on a Stinger.. Your attenuation puts u around 600 feet of wiring to the slam so your good to go for vdsl.
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