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·TekSavvy DSL

You have not been free for a long time

Wake up people, the same technology that allows society to steal with damn near no effort, is a sword that cuts both ways.

You can take and take and take with ease, and so can't they.

Digital means it is all just data that any machine can look at and take.

I can steal movies, and music, and books and programming and basically do anything the feds can do if I have the skills.

And you are surprised that they can ignore all of our objections and just do what they want to us?

Get real. If you type something nasty into a computer and expose it to the internet, you have just let the whole planet have access to it. Sure they should need permission to get it, but hey, permission to take something is currently not stopping us from taking anything WE want.

I don't mind them looking at my 'stuff' just as long as they don't think they are better than me when I look at their stuff.