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And So It Goes
Oakland Gardens, NY
·Verizon FiOS

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reply to bturner75

Re: Question on adding a wireless router (newbie question)

I also have our actiontec providing MOCA for our DVRs and also acting as the DHCP server and provides wireless services upstairs. It is, as usual, set for

I have a second Wireless router downstairs, connected by ethernet cable to a LAN port on the Actiontec, set to a different wireless channel and given IP address: It has a different SSID. (Both use WPA2 incidentally). On the second Router, the DHCP is disabled (so there is ONLY one DHCP server.).

No problems with this setup. Each client device needs to be set to connect to the two distinctly different SSIDs. (On Windows PC's I do set the Wireless NICs to connect to preferred signals- but I do not recall seeing this setting on my Android or IOS Devices).

Generally speaking, they seem to be connecting to the stronger signal router.