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Greg Foley

Lexington, KY

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[Connectivity] Video buffering - Lexington, KY

I have insight 20.0 and the buffering on any video drives me crazy. If I try to watch a video On my computer it takes forever. If I try to watch a movie with AppleTV I can leave the room for half an hour then I can watch it Maybe. If I use my DVD player it's the same No matter what device I use the video buffering drives me crazy. Speed tests show I am getting 20 meg download speeds. If I take every device off the wireless network and connect the computer directly to the modem the problem still remains. Insight has been to the house a couple of times and say everything is working fine. It does work fine if you want to watch everything in the lowest resolution possible. I have changed all the cables and bought the fastest router that Best Buy sells. INI idea what the problem could be?


Lexington, KY

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Re: Video buffering

Have you been through this thread? »[Speed] YouTube HD videos very laggy - Lexington, KY

The fix detailed here;»www.reddit.com/r/technology/comm ··· _stream/ helps with You Tube, it may help you in general.

Try »www.pingtest.net/ to test for packet loss, etc.