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reply to Josh Taylor

Re: In-flight broadband is dangerous for airline safety

said by Josh Taylor :

I am against these regulations because in-flight broadband causes interference on two-way communications between the plane and the control tower and the operation of the plane which is the aircraft system. If the FCC approves this, planes are going to start crashing. The FCC is going to be blamed by the FAA for the plane crash deaths because of their regulation.

For airline safety, reject this regulation. I'm the sure the FAA doesn't approve this, because the FAA rules prohibits the use of wifi.

Sorry but you are incorrect. Wifi has been installed in planes since 2001 and yet there has to be a single incident attributed to the use of plane board Wifi. When the system is installed, it is tested to ensure that there is no interference.

Further since it is switched offer during the critical flight phases and all passenger devices are to be off as well, the chance of it ever causing an issue is slim to none.