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Newburgh, NY
reply to kerya666

Re: Who are these people voting NO

The ONLY "Security" these people are concerned with is their own. With the economy now racing the Tidy Bowl man to the bottom (and winning!) even sheeple are beginning to see what a corrupt, self serving joke our government has become, from City or Town Hall, all the way to Washington.

In the very early 1980's I used to tell people that we, in our lifetime, would see a revolution in this country. The handwriting was already starting to appear on the wall back then for those of us who looked. People would look at me as if I had three heads. Now they say "Maybe sooner than we think".

More spying, restriction of basic freedoms and of course "Gun Control" are coming down the pike. Our government does not WANT a "well regulated militia" of the people because they KNOW at whom the guns will be pointed. Them!

Maybe it would be best if our economy just collapsed outright and splintered the nation. Too many good people die in revolutions and I don't want to see it happen here. Something has to change. It's time for the People to rule the nation, as it was meant to be, as our forefathers intended, instead of the government ruling the people, as it is now.
"when the people have suffered many abuses under the control of a totalitarian leader, they not only have the right but the duty to overthrow that government." - The U.S. Declaration of Independence