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Re: [INTERNET] Does cogeco turn off internet connection overnigh

It didn't make sense to me that cogeco would be turning off the connection (unless they were doing maintenance or administration tasks,) so I'm glad of the confirmation!

The script I ran was just pinging every five minutes and sending the results to a log. At 1:05:01 the packets are lost and then it starts timing out. At 6:20:01 it begins successfully transmitting the packets again.

Now my phone will still find my wireless connection to the router during this time and I can still log in to the router administration page, but I can't access my email or any other websites, also, the router indicates that it is 'not connected' to the internet.

Finally, the internet light on the modem (far right led) blinks green. [edit: not 100% certain on this last point, will confirm next time problem occurs]

Any further suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks.

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Hamilton, ON
If it's an RCA modem and you only get one light, it means you lost your connection between the modem and the CMTS (at Cogeco's end). Could be a range of reasons that happens, I'd call in and ask them to put a watch on your line.



It happened again. Log shows the connection was down from 1:10am to 6:30am and I can confirm that it was just the internet light that was blinking on, yes, an RCA modem.

So, thanks for the suggestion and I will call them about the problem...tomorrow.

Happy New Years!

·Cogeco Cable
Their support lines are open 24 hours a day for 7 days a week, so if you up and at'em the next time it happens I say give them a call when the problem is ongoing as it might make it easier for them to diagnose the problem.

Do you have a lot of splitters and all that before the connection goes to your modem?


No splitters at all, actually. The coaxial cable comes straight in and to the modem. I might have a quick look outside, but I don't think that's the problem. It's the regularity of the connection loss that's puzzling.

And with 24/7 support I'm not sure if it would be kinder to call at 1am or at 6am, both seem pretty unpleasant times to be troubleshooting


reply to urbanriot
There must be at least one splitter (or filter?) outside as one cable comes in on an overhead wire to a box on the wall, and then two cables come out and go inside.

Interestingly, there is a third cable that comes out of that box too, but it's been cut though and just left dangling.


Oakville, ON
Honestly, if you're up and around when it's happening, with 24/hr Tech support, I think it's best to call when it's happening so they can try and isolate the issue.

Hard to check on a problem when everything is working

Hamilton, ON
said by RedMageX:

Hard to check on a problem when everything is working

You'd be surprised how much can be determined from a "working" modem.

P.S. If the OP is still having an issue, feel free to send me a PM with your MAC address



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As soon as I got in touch with Cogeco they were very quick to set up a service appointment. They also remotely tested my modem and found that it was timing out frequently. The morning of my service appointment the modem failed to reconnect at 6:30am (lights were all on and solid green,) but the tech who came to the house swapped out the modems and for the past few days I have had absolutely no problems at all. So that's good news, and thank you Cogeco.

I'm happy with my service once again and I'm fairly certain the origin of the problem will remain forever mysterious (to me, at least.) Even if the modem was failing why would it connect during the day and not at night? Why would the outage times be so consistent? (And why would the modem behaviour change on the day of my service appointment?)

Thanks to all, Marcer See Profile, and everyone else who replied to my original post.