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Suffern, NY

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Re: Removal of those random duplicate SD channels in the 1000's

said by mbernste:

said by dm145:

glad to see them gone since there was no rhyme or reason why those particular channels where there in the first place

The reason is because a lot of people didn't want to record the HD channels and save space on their DVR by recording the standard def channels which takes up far less space. This is definitely a setback by those who have cable based DVRs.

I agree. I am a DVR owner and there are a number of cases where I am willing to record the SD feed as opposed to the HD I am forced to record. So long as CV is sending out a SD feed (ie: The one that is used by the Non-HD STBs and DVRs) I do not see any reason why the HD STBs and especially the HD DVRs are not programmed to allow them to be tuned to as a 1xxx channel. If CV had used Hard Drives in their HD DVRs that had the same amount of HD feed recording time as the SD feed recording time as there is on the SD DVR Hard Drives this would not be an issue. Right now due to the forced mapping of the HD feed into the SD channel number range (ie: The range that is feed to SD boxes) I get only half the recording time as I would get if I recorded the same content on a SD DVR.

I can understand why CV maps the 7xx/8xx HD feeds to the 0xx-2xx SD feed channel numbers to avoid confusing HD owners who tune to the low range and asking why they are getting a SD not a HD image but this does not excuse/justify the lack of an option to actually view and record the SD feed.


Ronkonkoma, NY
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At this point I'd just say "It is what it is", and stop holding out for a pipe dream of being able to choose to record SD in place of HD. The idea of 1000+ for SD channels seemed gone when they added international channels to the 1000 & 1100 range. If it's a deal-breaker, I'd suggest another platform than the 8300 for your DVR usage. Anything that costs around $18 / month or less would net you the same price and give you the feature you are looking for. The lack of interest from anyone else here for the feature, at a forum with a higher technology-aware posters who would think about (and read this request) the thought of increased storage space from recording in HD, tells me this is not something CV is going to modify.

-You can use an external HD for the 8300
-In a mixed HD/SD environment (unsure if it does in a HD-only environment, but I would suspect it does), DVR Plus allows you to choose if recording in HD only (Default) or for "All TVs" in SD, but they don't need to build channel mappings into the individual boxes for each channel.
-TiVo costs $14.95/month + $2 for cable card, and does not have the HD > SD mapping, letting you choose which to record.

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