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Re: [Voip.ms] No ringback heard on outgoing calls.

said by MichelR:

I've had this happen on occasion, dating back to February or March - around the time I started using VoIP. It didn't do it for a while, but lately it's been a bit more frequent, and it doesn't seem to matter which server (I've had it happen on montreal, chicago and newyork). The next call usually works fine, so I haven't reported it (yet) because I can't reproduce it "at will".

I've noticed it on and off for quite some time myself, but it has gotten particularly bad over the past couple of weeks.

said by garys_2k:

I think they should be made aware of even transient issues so they get a heads-up about issues. Inconsistent problems are the worst to fix, but they still ought to be on their radar.

I agree. Intermittent problems are extremely frustrating. They really need to be able to duplicate it in order to diagnose, and sometimes just doesn't duplicate at will. You can make 1000 test calls, give up, and then the problem happens on call 1001. That being said, the matter should still be reported. They need to know, and hearing from many customers might help them validate and diagnose the problem.

Meanwhile, I'm just wondering if there's something in the router or network that could be causing this. UDP 10000-20000 is open, SIP-ALG is disabled. What may I be missing?