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Good Bye My Friend
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Re: Why is neutral conncted to ground in the fuse box/panel?

in many panels an uneducated eye is not going to catch a N-G connection without really looking. in a panel where they are both on the same block it is obvious, but in a large number of panels they are on seperate blocks and you have to notice the bonding screw to see it.

as far as how i answered, i was more respectful than you have been. ever hear of someone posting from a tablet, i dunno about you but when i do my posts are brief.
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He just asked a simple question, it wasn't like he said "Hey guys, I want to entirely rewire my house. I'm almost done and now I have some questions." He noticed something "in the place I currently live" that was puzzling and he asked about it. He wasn't unfamiliar with wiring and from his POV that bonding didn't seem "right." At no time did he say he was going to mess with it, change it or try to "fix" it.

He asked a simple question. Hollering about somehow not being qualified to open the panel was over the top -- as if someone asking why the occasional word is spelled with "i" after "e" shouldn't be allowed to write.