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Re: [TV] Fibe

Well, I don't think it's as draconian as you think.

I think it has to do with the iTV apps on the box that require internet access and, as long as they want to provide said iTV app content, there has to be access to the internet WAN side VLAN which means an internet session has to be established. It may or may not even be up to Bell here. Remember Bell didn't create this product, the FibeTV receivers run on Microsoft Media Room. It may be a request of a third party to have these iTV apps running for licensing requirements - but who know, that's just me speculating.

All traffic comes in on the same 'pipe' be it a DSL or FTTH. That pipe is divided into VLANS to segregate traffic. All the TV video comes in on one VLAN and ALL internet traffic comes in on another. As far as I know there is no access to the internet VIA the TV sessions WAN VLAN. And why would there be? It'd be too risky to have a public entry point into unicast/multicast network when you have such strict QoS measures on it - feeding tens of thousands of customers.

The argument about locking out a port on the back of the modem is currently somewhat moot. The problem there is your not considering that the ports are designed and intended to be dual purpose. The installer may NOT use ANY ethernet ports on the back of the modem, or he many use ALL of them for his FibeTV install.

ALL devices plugged into your sagemcom on your LAN side, including the FibeTV receivers, are on the same subnet. It also doesn't matter if the FibeTV receivers are connected via coax or ethernet. They all get an address in the 192.168.2.x range.

So basically after typing all that, I'm just trying to make the point that it may not be as simple as you'd like to think.
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