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San Jose, CA

I have att uverse and need no comcast

For now I get promo $25 for 12mb which cable can't beat. I have had it for almost whole year while comcast would only offer slightly faster at that price range for only 6 months. Plus it rarely goes out, while cable could go out sometimes. So even if I get slower product, I am well satisfied that it works. Plus its convenient my room is already wired with phone jack, so I can have my router close and all my stuff connected by cheap CAT wire. I do not have to run wire through the whole house, invest in multiple wireless adapters and new wireless AP or install cable jack in my room.



I just switch between u-verse and comcast for internet, when promo expires, I call and see if they wanna match the current price from the other, if not, I switch.


San Jose, CA

even if promo expires and they won't extend it or offer anything, its cheaper with u-verse than cable that imposes mandatory extra fee for active cable if you don't have TV