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West Des Moines, IA

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reply to JimThePCGuy

Re: Looking to move back

said by JimThePCGuy:

So what was wrong with Iowa?

Here's an interesting article from a University of Iowa professor who finally convey's his disdain for the state after 20 years of living here. This article came under a lot of heat from locals, for obvious reasons. Feel free and read it if you're bored.

I agree with a lot of it, and a few of his points are also why I don't enjoy living here (if anyone from IA reads this, please respect that this is my personal reasons and I'm not looking to start an argument):
- Small town mentality. I didn't think 500k-600k population would be considered small, but it really is. There are quite a few Chicago transplants, but generally I don't feel all that welcome as a few others have admitted. It's a 'Oh you're from Chicago' reaction. The transplants from KC, Omaha and Minneapolis love it here. Should I start lying? Haha.
- Nothing to do. I think this is partly due to the difficulty of meeting people to socialize. I've never had a trouble meeting and making friends, ever. So this is new to me.
- Zero culture. I think that's because this is one of the whitest states in the country. I'm full Korean and my wife is white, so it's very important for me to expose my daughter to a world outside this IA bubble.
- Why are there so many old people!? I noticed this the first month of my move. Then I looked up the stats and this state has the highest per capita of people over 60, 70 and 80. Why? This state is literally dying.
- No jobs. I thought the corporate ladder didn't exist anymore. According to IA it does. Everyone who either works at the couple big companies out here: Principal and Wells Fargo have been there forever and seem accepting of it. I don't want to have to relegate to working for one company because there are no options for me. I would hate to be stuck at a job I hate.
- One of the lowest rates of retaining young adults with college degrees. Basically everyone who graduates flees this state. I can't say this is a good thing and touches on my couple points above.
- There's no PGA Superstore here.

Anyway, there's a few more reasons, but those are the bigger ones. Big reason I don't want to move back to IL is the damn property taxes! I'm paying around $3k and the equivalent from what I'm seeing in IL for my house is around $8k. Oh well!