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Big Dawg 23

Northfield, MN
reply to 88615298

Re: [CATV] Looks like I'm finally leaving Charter TV

You should really take a close look at Directv before taking shots at pricing. Charter has a dismal excuse on HD channels and not to mention outdated equipment and picture quality. I dumped Charter TV over four years ago for Directv. My picture and equipment puts Charter to shame. Charter is lacking Movie Channels in HD and a lot of Sports Channels. Charters HD picture is compressed. Many people have no issue with a bill that is $10 more to get superior service. Over the last 2 years my neighbors Charter Tv service has gone out 6 times for 1 hour or more. During that same time I have lost my Directv signal once for 2 hours in a ice storm.

Also Charter jacks up rates every year. Directvs is small compared to most companies. Something I get on Directv that Charter can't supply a superior Whole Home DVR.


Nashville, TN
·HughesNet Satell..
Yup. Charter is so far behind in terms of quality of HD picture, and old equipment. AND more expensive!
DirecTV's equipment is YEARS ahead and alot more sophisticated(even more advanced than DISH imho) EVEN in year two, Directv is STILL cheaper than the similar package Charter offers.

I do give Charter credit for HSI though. We do live outside the city limits here, and charter was the only carrier who stepped up and provided us internet (and not some crappy DSL 1.5 like AT&T offered later on).