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Statesville, NC
·AT&T U-Verse
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Re: Accuphase T-105 FM tuner schematic download?

There is an Akai GX77 sitting on a rack in the other room. I think it has a reel of Pink Floyd The Wall ready to play. It probably hasn't been used in 8 years.

I don't know how well it compares, but I often long for my old Sansui 9090 receiver.


I remember the Sansui AU-999 with some fondness.
I myself have an Akai GX747dbx that I purchased from Japanese Stereo Mukashya in April 1984. It's still like new and works like new. One of the best decks Akai built.
Problem now with Akai servicing is lack of parts. The company went bust in 1999 with some bookkeeping skullduggery making $3M disappear. Some Singapore-based holding company bought them, but I see no focus on vintage gear. Mostly modern synths and televisions.
The GX77 is a somewhat shakey design. It's obviously a consumer deck built for light use. The mechanisms are crammed tightly together, with multiple layers of chassis, which makes for a service nightmare. I'm almost done with it, as I'm in the reliability testing phase to see if anything breaks, before I put the panels on and tell the customer it's ready.