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Ottawa, ON
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reply to dillyhammer

Re: [DSL] VDSL - 25/7 Congestion

True, but... Grammas and Uncles also get unhappy when their VoIP is choppy (and more and more of them are using VoIP). They just don't understand why it is choppy.

Also don't forget that lots of them are only with TSI because the techies amoung us as telling them to sign up with TSI. Given no external input who do you think the Grammas and Uncles will go with? That's right, Bell or Rogers (at least around here). Most of them will have never heard of TSI otherwise.

I don't demand perfection from TSI. I demand a reasonable effort to to their best for their customers. I work with technology and I understand that things happen. But if the lines are saturated to the point that it is causing problems (albeit minor ones for now) for all of their DSL customers (who until recently where the meat and potatoes), and probably still represent the bulk of the techies, I think that needs addressing.