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Minneapolis, MN
·T-Mobile US


Since I rarely watch any TV at all anymore, I may look into cancelling the TV portion. Will have to see if I can go to chat and talk myself into a deal. It's not that I can't afford it because I can. The problem is that for at least the last couple of years I have questioned whether I need it. The only reason I still have it is because I am too lazy to change it.

In my area the Digital Preferred that I am on will increase from $84.99 to $86.99, with the Blast internet also going up from $58.95 to $61.95. That is a $5 increase ( well, a little more as this increase also raises the BS taxes and fees), which translates to $60 a year assuming they don't hit us again this summer.

Enough of this BS already. Yep. Lack of suitable competition has created this mess for most of us. I don't consider Centurylink dsl competition, especially when the most I can get here is 1.5 meg which is basically the standards of the year 1999. That is pathetic for only being about 10 miles from downtown Minneapolis. Even my Galaxy S 3 on Tmobile 4G does better than that.