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DPC3825 Bridge mode problems -expert needed

Hi, I have a DPC3825 that I use in bridge mode and a cisco e4200 router.

My problems started when I unplugged the cable to the modem (to move the wire) and plugged it back in.

I am on extreme package 35 DL speed but I always get over 50 on ipad all the time.

I spent hours on phone and rogers was no help yesterday at all. I called cisco and reloaded my firmware and it is working 100%.

My problem is DL speed is really slow on wifi 5gh and 2.4gh but when I connect ethernet cable to either my router or to DPS3825 I get blistering speeds in excess of 60mg averaging around 70mb speed.

Now, weird thing is when I disabled bridge mode my wifi speed was fast and over 50mb DL speed again. So I enabled and disabled bridge mode about 10 times to test and fast when it's disabled and slow when it is enabled. I'm doing all the speedtests through my cisco e4200 router. But same type of results for wifi connection on DPC3825.

Now even stranger thing is I played with enabling and disabling dhcp on either to see if this would fix in bridge mode and to no avail. Then all of a sudden whether in bridge mode or in router mode it doesn't matter anymore. Wireless speeds are super slow.

Woke up today and got high wifi speeds on tests a couple times but averaging 20-25mb DL speed. This is so wierd.

Rogers had reset on their end before all this. Is their special settings before I enable bridge mode?

Does rogers have to do anything on their end for bridge mode?

I'm suspecting bad DpC3825.


Toronto, ON
There are no other options that Rogers enables when they enable bridge mode.

It is literally as simple as logging in to the modem with the admin login and switching from router to bridge mode and hitting save.

Light Will Pierce The Darkness
Nepean, ON
reply to saki
I agree with arthurwinslo See Profile

Which version of the cisco Linksys e4200 router do you own?
if its version 1 then its got the Broadcom chipset and is from my experience the better performer.
if its version 2 then its got the Marvel chipset and its performance is erratic.

The CISCO DPC3825 in bridge mode is the preferred configuration IMO.

When doing tests with the DPC3825 and the E4200 v1 always start from a power down point for both devices;
This means [1] power down the DPC3825 and wait 2 minutes then power up the DPC3825
This means [2] power down the E4200 and after the 2 minute wait from step [1] power up the E4200 ONLY after you see the DPC3825 have 4 solid green LED's

When doing tests with the DPC3825 and the E4200 v2 always start from a power down point for both devices as described above but your results will probably be very mixed.

Regardless of which version make sure that your E4200 has the most updated firmware.

If your E4200 is version 1 and you are still getting mixed results after running your tests then I would suspect the DPC3825 is having issues on the Internet port.
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reply to saki
For some reason everything is back to normal. So trange. D I have to disable wireless on dpc3825 before enabling bridge mode?

I have bridge mode on but forgot to disable wireless, on status it says bridge mode but besides wireless it says enabled?

I was under assumption when entering bridge mode wireless is automatically disabled.

I cannot see dpc3825 when I search for wifi signals. Wouldn't status show wireless disabled? Or is that just to enter the modem without Ethernet?

Light Will Pierce The Darkness
Nepean, ON

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When you place the DPC3825 into bridge mode ALL gateway functions are disabled [yes, that includes the wireless radio].

Once in Bridge mode the only way to check the DPC3825 current status is to login to using your external gateway [E4200] within its capabilities [wired or wireless].