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Beaumont, AB
reply to Baud1200

Re: Has Shaw become too Asymmetrical and is now falling behind

said by Baud1200:

said by Link Logger:

My Son In-law in Santa Clara gets 30 Mbps down and 5 Mbps up for just over $50 a month. That would be a worthy competitor for Shaw and not wimpy old Telus. I have a Business 25 (25Mbps down and 2.5 Mbps up) for $80 a month, maybe I need to switch to the residential 50 or 100 (I'm in SE Calgary) so my Wife can Facetime with the Grandkids without it crapping out on poor upload speeds.


Don't Switch to the residential at any cost Blake, it seems the routing priority is even worse than the business as business gets priority. Example is i am on the 250 with unlimited and 15Mbit upload but due to the network config i can only muster avg 3Mbit on average (from proliant with 6x15K SAS RAID with a quad teamed 4Gig NIC) and clients and suffer from a lower prioritized traffic queue on the network than the business packages.

I have yet to find a peer to peer protocol that isn't affected by throttling on the user based shaw package and despite multiple calling ppl out on this forum NOBODY has been able to come up with a P2P alternative that is not throttled on the home consumer package for several months since the original (approved)post.

said by Baud1200:

As a home user (non buisness) based package i really don't understand what they want us to transfer files with if they limit every single peer to peer (non commercial) software, how does this make sense for a non commerical package? With this being the best of the best as far as knowledge base, i still can bet that not a single person can even name me a P2P software that is not effected..

Having a slow day Baud1200
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