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Re: [Rant] LED lights are ugly crap

said by Anonymous_:

said by La Luna:

said by Dustyn:

I don't think I've ever come across a Christmas LED light that doesn't have that strobing flickering effect. Are the high quality ones that mimic incandescents sold in high end department stores? All I see at Canadian Tire, Wallmart or Home Hardware are the same flickery LED light pulses that are dizzying to look at.

Why do you see "strobing flickering" and I don't? Not saying you don't see it, just don't understand why you would see it and others don't. Weird. I just see bright, crisp, clear beautiful colors.


we have super human eyes that can detect motion and light better I seriously I have to crank up the refresh rate to about 120hz+ just to get rid of the flickering on CRT computer screens

LCD's must be below 12ms to eliminate the detectable pixel refresh

My brother had a screen that was 24ms I could see as each pixel refreshed and they did not refresh at the exact sametime and not of the same exact shade of color. Fairly annoying as I would get severe eye strain with in minutes.

I was behind a Mercedes before with LED tail lights and when sitting at a red light I almost wanted to put on sunglasses as his brake lights were so bright it lit up the whole interior of my car red, like I was driving thru hell or something. His running lights were as bright as most other cars brake lights.

Also some police cars with LED light bars are a bit too bright. I know they need to be seen for safety but shouldn't be blinding you.
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