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Re: Alternative to voip.ms ?

We just ditched voip.ms and got all cell phones for our staff. The problem with what you're looking for is that voip.ms isn't just a termination provider but they provide extra features. There's literally hundreds of providers that do what they do, but they require you use your own device or phone system/pbx even a hosted one etc as that's where you typically would set up ring groups etc not from the provider directly. Voip.ms is great in the sense they have all the same features that Asterisk does, ring groupes, queues, IVR etc. Anveo does this as well, but that's why it's a bit hard to find other providers that work the same since most just provide the access. I tested RingCentral recently not sure how their pricing is as I just used their one plan where it acts like a PBX and forwards calls to cell phones but it worked great, with a great interface, but I think the pricing is probably higher than voip.ms but what we have learned the hard way is that you get what you pay for.


Thanks for the help connor79.
The lines are for a business environment but our level of usage is very low. We probably have 400 minutes of usage a month between the 3 lines. While we have low usage, it's definitely important to not miss calls from clients or have some other issues with the calls.

I thought about doing some kind of Asterisk setup but I'm not a networking specialist or anything and voip.ms allowed us to achieve PBX functionality without complicating the setup with another piece of equipment.