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Dodge, NE
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Re: Class specific lag spikes

ill get them in cap cities, usually clears up after i get out and about have to be moving for this to go away or relog on to another toon.
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Judging from the response, if there is a problem, it isn't widespread. There's no consensus on class. I've been getting unusually bad lag spikes on my pally, but not my warrior. My wife has also been getting them, and she's been playing mainly on her pally, which made me think it was a pally thing. I'm unclear on whether it's turning up on other classes for her.

She was concerned that it was the new rigs we bought for Christmas, but as I'm not getting them on my warrior, I have to think not. Since nobody on here is reporting pally lag spikes, I'll have to see whether there are any pally specific addons that we're both using, and if so try turning it off.